Why Psychotherapy & Counselling?

There are times in our lives when things become overwhelming and difficult; we feel anxious, depressed, confused, not understood, and sometimes we may not know how to make things better. When this starts to cause stress in our individual lives, relationships, home life, school, or work life, then this may be the time to seek the benefits of a professional therapist.  

I provide a safe, non-judgemental space and environment where my clients can explore their experiences whether individually or within the family.

The process of exploration can involve both past and present experiences. For example, I work with issues of attachment, early childhood relationships, and unresolved childhood difficulties, thereby bringing awareness to how these unresolved problems can play out in adult relationships. I believe the process of therapy can bring about awareness of relational and intergenerational patterns of behaviour and create space for change and new possibilities.

The process of therapy requires commitment and can be challenging, but it can also be very beneficial. To gain the maximum benefit it is important to stay, discuss, explore, and reflect on your circumstances, thoughts and feelings that emerge with your therapist. Clients are collaborating partners in the therapy process. The more you participate in the work, the more you are likely to gain.

As a therapist, I aim to help you make sense of your thoughts and feelings so that you are stronger and able to take responsibility for your actions and decision making. Therapy can help you identify and access the inner and external resources available to you, enhance your problem-solving skills, and can help you recognise the choices you have in order to implement change.

It is possible to change our narratives (the words we speak about ourselves) if we learn their origin, we can allow new stories about ourselves to emerge. When we become aware, we can do something to bring about change.  

Psychotherapy and counselling should be a safe, empathic, and non-judgemental space where remarkable conversations take place, exploration occurs, discovery happens, the unconscious becomes conscious, and awareness develops. It’s a space where we learn to take responsibility, set boundaries, and learn to view ourselves and others through new lens.

Whatever your experiences are, I believe growth, change, and healing can occur through being seen and heard in a safe environment when you find the right therapist that fits your needs.


“I have found that there is always some beauty left – in nature, sunshine, freedom, in yourself…” – Anne Frank.