An approach that works for you

An approach to suit your needs:

As an integrative psychotherapist I incorporate approaches that best suit the needs of my clients and provide a non-judgemental space where clients can feel accepted and able to express and be themselves. 

Pearce (2007) noted “I’m confident that we live in a pluralistic universe in which there are many finite provinces of meaning. If so, then the task before us has more to do with making better social worlds, and finding ways of coordinating with people who live in other social worlds, than with finding an all-embracing schema that would explain everything.”

I really love this quote; human beings are similar but yet very different unique individuals, rich with various abilities, hobbies, interests, race, backgrounds, culture, values, beliefs, experiences, spirituality etc… How can one single approach work for everyone?  

I chose to become an integrative psychotherapist and counsellor because the approach depicts my beliefs, values, personality, and openness to diversity and to the issues of differences.

Getting the right approach:

Looking for a therapist that fits your needs can be a tiring task!

I offer a 20-minute telephone consultation, where we can both ask each other some questions and get some ideas about the process of your therapy needs.

If you feel my approach is right for you, then after the consultation I will send out a therapy agreement for you to review and sign before our first session.



Individual sessions are 50 minutes long, usually on a weekly basis.

Family and couples’ sessions are up to an hour long on a weekly basis, or if agreed, can be held every fortnight.

In person face-to face sessions are held at Lily House E18 which is a 6-minute walk from South Woodford Station. 

Online sessions may also be offered, via Zoom.